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Aphid control - Parasitoids (Aphidius matricariae)

Aphid control - Parasitoids (Aphidius matricariae)
Container of 500 adults


Aphid parasitoids are tiny (2-3 mm), stingless mini-wasps. They help prevent and correct low-level aphid populations. They can work together with other predatory insects to control over 40 aphid species.

How it works
The wasps lay their eggs in the aphids. The eggs hatch and the resulting larvae devour the aphids from within.

General usage
Greenhouses, interiorscapes, gardens, fields. Use as a preventative measure to stop aphid infestations before they begin. Use as a control for light to medium infestations of aphids. A.matricariae will work with most aphid species. For cotton or melon aphids, use A. colemani. For potato aphids, use A. ervi.

Directions for use
For more information, see detailed instructions.

Application rates
Prevention: 1-2 per sq.yard - release bi-weekly
Control light: 2-4 per sq.yard - release weekly x 2-3
Control medium 4-8 per sq.yard - release weekly x 2-4
Control heavy: N/A
Maintenance: release 2-3 per square yard - monthly indefinitely
Gardens: release 40-80% of rates above
Acre +: release 10-30% rates above
Comments: for A.colemani, add 20% to rates above or make 1 additional release.

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Aphid control - Parasitoids (Aphidius matricariae)

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