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Organic Rose Care Guide

Below you'll find information about how to care for your roses organically. There are a variety of excellent products which will help you grow beautiful roses which are healthy and resilient to pests and disease.

Rose care objective Organic products/beneficial insects Application directions and notes
Spring/early summer fertilizer Pro-Gro (5-3-4) Apply 10 lbs around the base of the rose; work into soil lightly, being careful not to damage roots. Apply in spring and again in early summer.
Late summer/early fall fertilizer Pro-Start (2-3-3) Apply 15 lbs around the base of the rose; work into soil lightly, being careful not to damage roots. Apply in late summer or early fall.
Summer booster Squanto's Secret (2-4-2) Apply every other week during early and mid summer. Mix 1oz of Squanto's Secret per gallon of water and soak the root zone. You can also apply as a foliar spray.
Mulching rose bed Buckwheat Hulls Apply at a depth of 1"-2" and water in. Buckwheat Hulls are probably the best mulch available. The hulls allow the soil to breath, to retain moisture; weeds are suppressed.
Control japanese beetles

Beneficial nematodes (Hb/Sc)
Beneficial nematodes (Hb)
Beneficial nematodes (Hb/Sf)

Earth Friendly Rose + Flower Dust
Japanese Beetle Killer
Garden Dust
Rotenone 1% Dust
Rotenone-Pyrethrins Spray
Sharpshooter insecticide
Milky Spore
Rotenone 5%

Use beneficial nematodes for short term control of japanese beetles in their larval stage. Apply late spring/early summer after ground warms up to 55 degrees F plus.

Use Milky Spore as a long-term control (it won't have an immediate effect).

Use Japanese Beetle Killer and other products to control adult beetles.

Control aphids

Ladybugs (Hippodamia convergens)
Green lacewings (Chrysoperla)

Earth Friendly Rose + Flower Dust
Garlic Barrier
Garden Dust
Hot Pepper Wax
Tobacco Dust
Horticultural & Dormant Oil
Sharpshooter insecticide
Neem Oil (100% Pure)

Use ladybugs and lacewings as beneficial insects to control aphid populations.

Use Garlic Barrier, Neem Oil, Garden Dust and Hot Pepper Wax as general repellents.

Use the other products to control infestations of aphids.

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