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Organic Fertilizer and Soil Amendment Guide

Some information below adapted from The Chemical-Free Lawn by Warren Schultz.

General soil care objective Organic solutions
Promote large blooms and fruits Bat guano (4-13-1)
Condition soil

Alfalfa meal  (great for roses, quick release).
Pro-Gro (5-3-4)
Bio-Magic 0-0-12

Build plant hardiness and resistance to disease,
pests and drought

Stress-X liquid seaweed biostimulant (great for lawns)
Promote root growth in transplants and seedlings Phosphate rock
Bone meal
Bat guano
Add balance blend of main macro-nutrients (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and sulfur) plus greensand to provide important micronutrients Pro-Gro (5-3-4)
Winterize plants Pro-Start
Enhance composting process Crab meal
Alfalfa meal (breaks down carbonaceous material)
Blood meal
Bind sandy soil Colloidal rock phosphate
Loosen clay soil Greensand
Sphagnum peat moss

Soil deficiency Symptoms in turfgrass How to correct

Soil too acid: phosphorus, calcium, magnesium availability reduced.
Soil too alkaline: iron, zinc, manganese and copper not available.

Aragonite (sweetens soil without adding magnesium)
Dolomitic limestone (pelletized or powder)
Boron Slow growth, pale green tips, bronze tint Boron 10%
Boron 14.3%
Calcium Reddish-brown leaves, may curl and die Gypsum (for alkaline soils)
Calcium limestone flour
Phosphate rock
Fertrell CaFe 9-1-4
Dolomitic limestone (for acid soils) 
Copper Yellow and stunted leaves, tips die Copper sulfate
Reduce nitrogen fertilization
Iron Pale leaves, turning yellow

Iron (chelated 10%)
Fertrell CaFe 9-1-4
Iron sulfate
Reduce phosphorus fertilization

Magnesium Yellow stripes on leaves, turning red Epsom salt (for alkaline soils) 
Dolomitic limestone (for acid soils)  
Manganese Yellow spots on leaves, withered at tips Manganese sulfate
Molybdenum Yellow and withered leaves Dolomitic limestone (for acid soils)
Nitrogen Light green or yellow-green leaves, may start dying at tips

Blood meal (quick release)
Cotton seed meal (advisory:acidifies soil)
Corn gluten meal 10-0-0
Cottonseed meal 6-1-1
Crab meal  (slow release)
Feather meal (slow release)
Leather meal (slow release)

Phosphorus Thin sod, thin curled leaves, dusky blue-green with purple tint in cool weather

Raise pH (reduce acidity)
Bone meal (slow release - good for new plants/transplants)
Phosphate rock
Bat guano

Potassium Yellow tips on leaves, may turn brown and die at tips

Kelp meal (quick release, good for fruit/flower production)
Granite meal
Greensand Plus (0-0-17)for faster availability
Wood ashes (caution: too much can raise the pH level too high)
Sulfate of potash (0-0-52)

Sulfur Yellow leaves Phosphate rock
Elemental sulfur
Zinc Small and yellow leaves Zinc sulfate
Zinc chelates
Trace elements/minerals Kelp meal (quick release, good for fruit/flower production)
Granite meal
Stress-X liquid seaweed biostimulant
Bio-Magic 0-0-12
Microbial activity  

Nature's Turf 8-1-9
Crab meal
Bio-Magic 0-0-12

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