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Crab Shell (2-3-0)

Crab Shell (2-3-0)

A 100% natural soil additive, crab meal is a by-product of the crab meat industry, crab meal is made from shells and offal of coastal water blue crabs. These crabs are harvested from Maine to Mexico. The shells are kiln dried then pulverized into a beige-colored meal.

How it works
Adds life to soil by providing food for microorganisms, especially a protein called chitin. Chitin provides not only slow-release nitrogen but also suppresses pest nematode activity.

General usage
Field and row crops, vegetable gardens, lawns, ornamental gardens, house plants. Use as a side-dressing for your plants. Also good for controlling non-beneficial nematodes. Good additive to compost piles.

Directions for use
Garden vegetables, apply 5 lbs per row. Ornamentals, apply 3-5 lbs per tree or 1/2-1 lb per shrub. Tomatoes and peppers, apply 4-8 ozs per plant. House plants, aplly 2-4 ozs per potted plant, depending on size.

Crab Shell (2-3-0)

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