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Fox Urine

Predator Urines are 100% natural, organic method to deterring small critters from your yard and surrounding areas. Hunters, trappers, and others who interact with wild animals have long understood how the selective uses of animal urines can trigger instinctive reactions. Now you can too. 100% real Coyote urine and creates the illusion that coyotes are present. Deer, raccoon, possum and other animals react instinctively to the fear of this predator. 100% real fox urine and makes varmints like rabbits, squirrels, chipmunks woodchucks & groundhogs think foxes are around. 100% real wild bobcat urine and makes varmints like mice and moles think bobcats are present. 100% real wolf urine and makes large prey like moose, elk, deer, coyote, bear and even camels! Now you might be a little hesitant at first and even ask yourself "How in the world do they collect this urine?" Well, we also have the answer: Urine is collected from animals in game farms, zoos and preserves. These wild game care providers are fully regulated by the appropriate state agencies. Those agencies conduct regular inspections of each facility to assure that the facility meets all health and treatment standards established by each agency. The urine is collected via floor collection drains in pens and cages and the animals are always treated in a most humane manner. In addition, these wild game care providers find that the revenue generated by the renewable resource of urine delivers a much needed income stream that allows these providers to keep many more animals alive and healthy.

Fox Urine

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