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Garden Stakes

Garden Stakes
Garden Stakes

Garden Stakes are used to mark the rows in your garden. These untreated wooden stakes come in a variety of sizes.

Garden Stakes

Unit Price Qty
4in x 5/8in, 50/pkg $2.25

5in x 5/8in, 50/pkg $2.50

6in x 5/8in, 50/pkg $3.25

8in x 5/8in, 50/pkg $5.75

10in x 5/8in, 50/pkg $6.50

12in x 5/8in, 50/pkg $10.50

12in x 1-1/8in, 50/pkg $12.50

4in x 5/8in, 1000/pkg $42.00

8in x 5/8in, 500/pkg $43.00

5in x 5/8in, 1000/pkg $44.00

6in x 5/8in, 1000/pkg $53.00

10in x 5/8in, 500/pkg $53.00

12in x 1-1/8in, 250/pkg $58.00

12in x 5/8in, 500/pkg $82.00