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IceClear is formulated from environmentally friendly material and based on technology originally developed for airport deicing applications. IceClear is an excellent deicer, which can be applied directly to snow and ice. IceClear will penetrate to the driveway or walkway surface, breaking the bond of snow and ice. Will not damage Trees, Shrubs, Lawns. No stains to carpets or flooring. Freezing point of -50 degrees F. No Mix - No Mess, Environmentally safe.

Directions for use
IceClear can be applied directly from the bottle using any pressurized sprayer. Consult your sprayer instructions for safe and effective pattern. To achieve maximum results, spray IceClear on driveways, steps and walks in a uniform pattern.

Application rates
The amount of IceClear varies with outside temperatures and thickness of snow and ice. Our results have shown complete melting in temperatures of 5 degrees within 10 minutes. We have treated an area of 500 sf per gallon.


Unit Price Qty
1gallon $19.95

2.5 gallon $49.95