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A kelp (Ascophyluum nodosom) seaweed extract that is rich in trace elements and natural growth hormones from the sea.

How it works
Regular applications of seaweed stimulate plant growth, strengthen cell walls, and increase the plant's natural resistances to disease and insect attack.

General usage
Use Stress-X on any plants as often as once a week, applied to either foliage or soil. Stress-X cannot burn plants.

Directions for use
Dissolve contents in 4 oz. of luke warm water to make liquid concentrate. Dilute concentrate in enough cool water to cover 1,500 sq.ft. or mix 1 tablespoon of liquid concentrate into one gallon of cool water.

Application rates
Follow manufacturer's instructions.


Unit Coverage Price Qty
10 gram (.35 oz) each 1,500 sq.ft $4.50

case (10 x 10 gram) 1,500 sq.ft per 10 gram $39.95

1.5 Kg (3.3 lbs) 1/2 acre $69.95

20 Kg (50 lbs) 6.5 acres $525.00